How home blood tests make health management convenient

Some home blood tests can be drawn and interpreted at home while others require that you post your sample off to a laboratory for analysis. Your results are usually made available in the form of a printed laboratory certificate which you can pass over to your doctor.

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All of the most popular tests are available online, while others are also available in supermarkets and pharmacies. Experts caution people about using high quality tests when they are managing serious conditions and recommend that you use a laboratory to ensure you get accurate results. If you are unsure about which test to buy your doctor will be able to make a suitable recommendation.

Home tests are self-administered and you will receive a kit that contains swabs and wipes to prepare the area before drawing blood. You will also receive a blood collection tube, a lancet and a packing wallet.

It is important to remember that you can only use a lancet once. Other tests may be done at home or at work but a nurse comes to your home to draw the blood for you.

Some of the most popular home tests include thyroid tests, tests for blood sugar levels, anticoagulation tests, tests for cholesterol, drugs and alcohol tests, nicotine metabolites and urine dipsticks to monitor for urinary tract infections.

Home tests are ideal for people who are having several sex partner, and anxious about STDs (chlamydia, gonorrhea, genital herpes, trichomonas vaginalis, vaginal thrush, HIV). Home tests are also suitable for treating and monitoring chronic illnesses and they give you more responsibility and control over your own health.

At-home blood test kits can be used to diagnose, screen and monitor different diseases. Some, like tests for people who are on blood thinning medication, need to be prescribed by your doctor.

Some of the tests available for home use on the market offer you immediate results, like the test designed for pregnancy. Other tests are available on a collection basis, where you mail your sample through to the laboratory.

Some of the most popular tests for mail orders include hormone tests for men and women, allergy testing, Hepatitis C tests, tests for antioxidant levels, stress and performance hormones, PSA screening for prostate cancer and tests for thyroid function.

For people who need to have weekly or biweekly tests testing at home can save time and make it more convenient to manage chronic illness. For people who are diabetic and may need to monitor their blood sugar on a daily basis, home blood tests also provide a more efficient way of managing their health.