What are the best contraceptive pills available on the market?

You want to marry him and carry his child but not now and you are confused. If you are not ready to have a child right now, you can always use contraception or ask him to use contraception.

contraceptive pill

Women, unlike earlier times, are now in total control of their sexuality and they can plan the time when they want to get pregnant.

Gone are the times when women used to depend on men for contraception and had to bear the consequences if male contraception such as a condom failed. Condoms split at times and this left women with no other option but to bear a child.

A child in the early years of marriage can spoil the fun in the relationship. Having children is a wonderful decision but having them at the right time is an important decision. You just cannot have a child just by chance.

Planning is very important. Now women can control their pregnancy and plan a family as per their wish. Women can have lots and lots of sex and still not worry about a pregnancy. This is possible by use of contraceptive pills. These pills have helped millions of women plan their pregnancy.

Yasmin pill is used as a form of hormonal contraception. It has two active ingredients; ethinylestradiol and drospirenone, which are synthetic forms of oestrogen and progestin.

This contraceptive pills works by over riding the menstrual cycle and the level of hormones during the menstrual cycle fluctuate.

These hormones are responsible for causing the egg to be released from the ovaries and further lining it up on the womb. This pill will trick the body in to believing that ovulation has already occurred and your body will not release eggs in the first place. And even if eggs are released, they will not be able to reach the womb.

Cerazette pills are also known as the mini pills or progestogen only pills. These pills work by changing the womb lining and further creating obstacles for the sperm from reaching the womb.

Millions of women use this pills to prevent a pregnancy after unprotected sexual intercourse. Although these pills are very effective, you still have to use a condom if you want to stay away from sexually transmitted diseases.

Dianette is another effective contraceptive pill that contains two major ingredients, namely cyproterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol. This pills works more or less like Cerazette and Yasmin. It prevents the sperm from reaching the womb by thickening the womb lining.

You can see good results of these pills if you use them on a regular basis. Although you can take these pills at any time of the day, it is important to take them at the same time so that your body gets used to its daily intake of hormones.

These pills also have some side effects along with the desired effects and this makes it important for you to understand the basic ingredients of the pills before you use them. Always consult a doctor before using these pills. Only a good doctor can help you find a pill that suits your body.

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